Places to see in Budapest

Budapest Transportation

The public transportation system in Budapest is a favorite internal travel option for a number of Budapest visitors.  The system is efficient, inexpensive and runs throughout all of the major tourist areas of Budapest.  The system consists of a combination of the bus, trolley-bus, tram, metro, and train lines and is streamlined so that tickets for all of them can generally be purchased at the same locations.

This article is long, but comprehensive because many visitors are left a bit bewildered by Budapest's somewhat idiosyncratic system.  Your diligence will be rewarded with a good experience utlizing probably one of the best city public transports in the world.

EU citizens aged over 65 with valid ID (photo Date of birth on the document as well as EU symbol) travel free on Budapest trams, buses trolleybuses. This does not apply to the funicular or the chairlift. The ID must be carried and shown to inspectors on demand.

Visitors should note that crowded public transportation is the place where tourists are most likely to be victims of pickpocketing and other petty theft. This is not a major cause of concern but should be noted so that visitors stay alert during their travels.

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